Let’s Take A Look At Three More Great Restaurants In Denver Colorado

If there is one city that we may have been to the most when it comes to these virtual restaurant visits, it could easily be Denver. I have taken you to quite a few establishments in the Mile High City, as well as some attractions. Well, it is time to take a close look at three more Denver restaurants. In case you are wondering, it would take about another 500 to 100 short articles to cover the rest of them. You never know when you are going to land on the one you want, and I pick from the top of the heap, not the bottom.

Paramount Cafe sounds like a cool place to visit, and it is on 16th Street. A few popular menu items include wings, burgers and yep, sweet potato fries. Did you expect the sweet potato fries? If you have followed my other Denver restaurant articles, then you might have seen that coming after I mentioned burgers. One reviewer talks about something very interesting when it comes to this establishment, a backstage buffet. Um, what is that?

Next up is Hacienda Colorado, and you can find it on East Mexico Avenue. Enjoy some chips and salsa, street tacos and one of my personal favorites when it comes to Mexican cuisine, fajitas. There are also great salads and more that the reviewers talk about as well. Plus, they say the place serves up large portions, so that’s definitely a win.

The next establishment is Table Six, and it is on North Corona Street. This is another popular brunch spot in Denver, and I have covered quite a few. One reviewer talks about this place being the pick for a pre wedding dinner party. So that’s the three restaurants in Denver that I wanted to show you for this round, until next time.