Denver Is a City Without Equal or Comparison

Denver, Colorado is a city without equal or comparison. The so-called Mile High City is one of the highest urban areas in America in terms of elevation, rivaled perhaps only by Salt Lake City in terms of how far above sea level it sits. The thinner air has a demonstrated effect on the performance of visiting athletic teams who often don’t do as well as they are used to.

Both Salt Lake City and Denver also share in common the fact that there are no other major cities within hundreds of miles of each, making them ‘remote’ cities. It certainly might not feel like that when you’re driving around the streets of either, as they are both large cities in their own right, but once you get outside of them, the Great American West or the Great Plains await you.

One thing that separates Denver from Salt Lake City though is the fact that Denver actually has local teams or franchises in all the major league sports. It’s the smallest city in North America to do so, but it does have them.

Traditionally, that would have meant having teams in what were historically considered the four major league sports, but many experts and enthusiasts have recognized the growth and explosion of soccer, bumping the list up to five. That means Denver has teams playing in Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the National Football League.

As such, residents and visitors to this city get to enjoy pretty much any sport they want, and there are professional sports going on every season of the year. Various minor league teams add to the action and the number of sports that fans can enjoy in the Mile High City.